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Ateliér Creation Store

The goal is to provide an opportunity for national and international brands, as well as local artisans, who have previously encountered obstacles such as iconic brands or the dominance of large store chains, to enter the US retail sector.

By addressing these challenges and offering a platform for these businesses, we aim to empower them and foster diversity in the retail market.

Current Initiatives 

With four decades of achievements under our belt, we have become a seasoned private investment intermediary institution that excels in crafting solutions and knows the art of sharing them. Our journey, filled with both triumphs and valuable lessons from mistakes, has honed our expertise and shaped us into a trusted entity in the field.

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Behind the Qumbet success case story; The individual who first saw a crab and recognized it as edible was undoubtedly either remarkably perceptive or incredibly hungry. This proverb signifies a notion similar to 'he who dares wins.' It serves as a testament to the nickname bestowed upon us by our Chinese friends when we triumphed in securing a tender from the local municipality in China, becoming the first foreign company of its kind to do so locally.

Building on the success of Qumbet in China, we have taken the initiative to bring it to our own country. While Qumbet holds the meaning of "buried treasure" in China and represents an ancient shrine, we have adopted the name for our multi-purpose newspaper kiosks, which serve as the first step in traditional street commerce. Inspired by the versatile and mobile nature of the octopus, our adaptation reflects the same activity but with a different cultural perspective.

Peri is akin to a captivating fairy tale, transitioning seamlessly from analog to digital. Just like in the enchanting legend of Peri, traditional urban furniture underwent a magical transformation, evolving into smart city infrastructure. But it didn't stop there—empowered by technology, it embraced smart hardware. The street furniture we craft, through the artful assembly of metal and glass components, has blossomed into exquisite urban ornaments.

A Level Alliances LLC is at the forefront of reshaping the retail landscape by pioneering a communication and sharing platform. We transform the customer-store dynamic by bridging the gap between neighborhood residents, SMEs, artisans and new entrepreneurs. What is our vision? To usher in a groundbreaking future where retail is seamlessly intertwined with community engagement and innovation.


This particular startup ignites our utmost enthusiasm. It embodies a workshop where the synergy of manual labor and intellect generates substantial value, reminiscent of the craftsmanship of carpenters and artisans. What truly captivates us is its ability to swiftly revive struggling companies, akin to a makeshift hospital on the battlefield or an ever-open repair shop for businesses. This workshop garners appreciation through the remarkable gains achieved by combining diverse values that may initially seem unrelated.

Favorable circumstances have propelled us forward with tremendous momentum! "Running water always finds its way," and Switch exemplifies this adage perfectly. Thanks to the contributions of Qumbet, Oktopus, and Peri, we proudly present Switch—a hyper-local neighborhood communication and advertising platform. As urban furniture creators, we seamlessly blend traditional street retail and outdoor advertising. We are currently in the final stages of preparing the infrastructure for our exhilarating venture in the United States. Keep an eye out for exciting updates!

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